Mochizuki Souta

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Mochizuki Souta


Souta Winter Sprite1.png

Japanese: 望月蒼太
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 3
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 165 cm
Blood Type: B
Class: 3-2
Seiyuu: Yūki Kaji
CEC Wiki Entry: Sota Mochizuki

"Am I not good enough?"
―Mochizuki Souta

Mochizuki Souta is a Sakuragaoka High School third-year in charge of writing scripts for the movie club. Souta is childhood friends with fellow club members Yuu and Haruki, as well as with Natsuki. People call him “Mochita”. He is the focus character of Yakimochi no Kotae and Boku ga Namae o Yobu Hi.[1]

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