I'm Only for You (Mochizuki Souta)

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EN Card Name I'm Only for You (Mochizuki Souta) Rarity 4-star.png
JP Card Name 僕は君のためだけに(望月蒼太) How to Obtain MV Selection ~Inokori Sensei x Watashi ga Koi o Shiru Hi~

Souta I'm Only for You 1.png

Souta I'm Only for You 2.png

Release Date 2021/03/24
Card Type Limited
Max Stats

Total Power: 5417
Rhythm: 3556
Technique: 1079
Groove: 782

Total Power: 8917
Rhythm: 5901
Technique: 1779
Groove: 1237

Max Skill I'm Falling in Love with You All Over Again

For every 10 seconds, there is a 40% chance that your combo bonus with 26% for 4 seconds

Hashtags #Souta (#蒼太)

#Treasured Days (#宝物のような日々)

#A Running Step (#走り出した一歩)

#Youthful Song (#青春謳歌)

Scene Cards

SC I've Finally Met You.png

I've Finally Met You

SC Within Touching Distance.png

Within Touching Distance