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HoneyWorks Premium Live (ハニワークスプレミアムライブ) is a Japanese rhythm game developed by flaggs Inc. for Android and iOS platforms as part of the HoneyWorks Atelier Project.

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2022/01/13: The Hatsumode Dressed in a Green Furisode ~Colorful Story~ event has begun. A HaniPre Fes and Story Event Ticket Gacha are now available. Suiyoubi no Yakusoku has been added. The HaniPre Sale ~Colorful~ is being held.

2022/01/10: A HaniPre Remix Gacha is now available.


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Anyone can edit this Wiki - please help us to stay updated in HaniPre News! Feel free to translate articles into other languages!

We aim to provide resources for international HoneyWorks fans to play and enjoy the game such as card information, story translations, etc. Please note that this Wiki focuses primarily on information about HoneyWorks Premium Live, not the entire HoneyWorks franchise. Head to this wiki if you are looking for information about the Confession Executive Committee franchise in general.

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