Sakura-Colored Lunch Box (Serizawa Haruki)

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EN Card Name Sakura-Colored Lunch Box (Serizawa Haruki) Rarity 4-star.png
JP Card Name 桜色のお弁当箱(芹沢春輝) How to Obtain HaniPre Fes Gacha ~Wishing Upon Cherry Blossoms~

Haruki Sakura-Colored Lunch Box 1.png

Haruki Sakura-Colored Lunch Box 2.png

Release Date 2021/04/01
Card Type Limited
Max Stats

Total Power:

Total Power: 9191
Rhythm: 6050
Technique: 1881
Groove: 1260

Max Skill Sakura Blossoms are Delicious, Aren't They?

For every 12 seconds, there is a 25% chance to increase combo bonus by 33% for 6 seconds

Hashtags #Haruki (#春輝)

#Spinning Bonds (#紡がれる絆)

#Special Relationship (#特別な関係)

#Youthful Song (#青春謳歌)

Scene Cards

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The Season That Suits The Kind You

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